How Do You Grind Coffee For An Aeropress?

More and more people are using the Aeropress for making their coffee perfectly these days.

That said, just like any other brewing method, there is a grind size that fits perfectly to create the best possible brew.

It’s not difficult to get the correct grind, though it may take a little trial and error.

Let’s take a look at the best grind for Aeropress and how to get it!

What Is Aeropress?

An Aeropress is a simple little device that offers a pressurized way to make coffee.

Many enjoy it because it’s an option that is very easy to use, highly portable and makes delicious coffee.

Often, Aeropress devices are made from plastic and are capable of making smaller amounts of coffee at once.

Typically, they make a single cup but you may be able to make some that are a little bit larger.

Overall, they tend to be very handy devices that are worth trying out if you love trying out different coffee methods.

You can even use them to make espresso shots!

How Do You Brew With An Aeropress?

Brewing with an Aeropress is a pretty simple, quick process.

It’s brewed with a temperature that is a little bit lower than other methods, which can help with keeping down some of the acidity.

After you’re added the grounds, you’ll need to learn how to allow them to bloom adequately. This typically means adding just a small amount of water to the grounds for about 45 seconds.

Once the blooming is finished, you can start brewing.

The combined water and grounds will need to rest for a short while. Stirring can also help the process as well!

Using the filter and plunger, you’ll be able to push the finished product from the device without having to worry about any sediment reaching the bottom.

How Does Aeropress Compare To Other Brewing Methods?

Most of us are extremely familiar with drip coffee.

However, Aeropress is more portable, efficient and can often have more flavor than drip-style coffee. It’s also highly versatile. You can learn more about these differences here!

Another option Aeropress is often compared to is stovetop espresso, because both can be pretty portable and used while camping.

When it comes to price, the stovetop espresso option will be much more budget-friendly.

However, the flavor preferences can really range, so it’s worth checking out the differences in detail!

Some can find that regular espresso is a better choice than the Aeropress if you’re looking for strength.

However, Aeropress coffee can have a less intense flavor, and is often easier and less expensive to make.

What Grind Is Best For Aeropress?

When you’re using an Aeropress, it’s important to make sure that you take into account the amount of time you plan on brewing the coffee.

It’s recommended that you use grounds that are more coarse if you’re going to be brewing the coffee for more than three minutes.

Meanwhile, if you’re brewing for right around three minutes, a medium grind is going to be more suitable.

When you’re just brewing for a very short time, for example, a minute at the most, then a fine grind is a great option.

Because of those differences in the coarseness, it may be a good idea to look for a quality grinder that can provide whatever level of coarseness you need.

That way, you’ll be covered for any kind of brew you want to make, whether it’s Aeropress or something else.

While you’re trying out new types of coffee brewing, it’s also a great idea to try out grinding fresh beans for your morning brew.

It’s sure to make a huge difference in the results when brewing with an Aeropress!